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About us

The prevalence of working at home in part time has increased. In this eon, need of every individual, group, institution, society is going to increase. Where everyone wants having financial sound and begins to seek opportunities.  Because of information technology our speed has increased, but now feels insecure in more fields. set a platform to find a way to make your dreams true.

You can stay with your current job and utilize free time with numerous jobs. Everyone can do these part time works i.e.-students, unemployed, employee, housewife, retired person having desire and passion.

Primarily this is part-time jobs portal as well as the company's Human Resource Platform, where part-time, full-time, freelance writing and business opportunities that are provided by "Infoeon techservices private limited". The web portal is powered by "infoeon online venture", it helps to generate extra income by doing extra work. Our various upcoming projects can make give you chance to earn and create something innovative. This is the place, where time can be exchanged by money.